Himalayan Paragliding

Experience paragliding through, around, and yes, occasionally over, the highest mountains on our earth. 

Paragliding Expeditions to the tallest mountains on earth

Flying the Himalayas


We organize and lead custom Paragliding tours to the Himalayas. Climb and fly, hike and fly, run and fly, or just fly and fly through the tallest and most spectacular mountains on earth

Experience the magnificence of the Himalayas

Paragliding west of Pokhara, Nepal

Flying year round, with tours, instruction, tandems and expeditions throughout the Himalayas. 


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Despite being the highest mountains in the world, some spectacular parts of the Himalayas are also blessed with some of the best and most stable flying weather on earth. So you will spend more time in the air and more time experiencing the heights. Contact us with your questions today. 

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Himalayan Paragliding

We touched the heavens at the summits of Everest, Makalu and the 7 Summits. Now we put those decades of experience to work for you, customizing your paragliding experience in the Himalayas. 

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Contact us for information on tandems, classes, para-climbing and para-trekking expeditions throughout the Himalayas.

Experience the skies over the Himalayas

Himalayan Paragliding